Are Riot building towards a simultaneous Garen/Katarina relaunch?

So I was thinking about relaunches recently; specifically the Akali and Pantheon relaunches. They differed markedly from previous champion relaunches like Karma, Sion and Evelynn because of how their new lore was written- rather than completely replacing the old, outdated lore, Akali's and Pantheon's new stories _built_ on their old lore, with Akali still being a member of the Kinkou order but abandoning it to strike out on her own (with her title changing from the Fist of Shadow to the Rogue Assassin) and Pantheon, the Artisan of War, who'd possessed and overwritten the personality of the Rakkor warrior Atreus, being _killed outright_ by Aatrox, reawakening Atreus to retake control of his body as Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear. Rather than just rewriting their stories as they had in the past when champions were given new models and kits, their lore was a _sequel_ to their old (still technically canon) lore, providing them with actual character development within the game (a similar thing happened to Lucian recently with the release of Senna, moving his personal plot forward a _huge_ way without needing to give him any real updates beyond some new voice lines). Then I got to thinking about Garen and Katarina, and something struck me as odd. Namely that despite being one of the most heavily (albeit subtextually) shipped couples in the game (seriously, there are _so many_ champions who reference them having feelings for each other, from Maokai to Lux to Tahm Kench to Illaoi to Jhin, while Odyssey Yasuo reads cheesy romance novels about them), their lores don't even _mention_ each other. Originally in their first release lores (WAAAAAAAY back in preseason 1) they met in battle and fought to a standstill, which Garen apparently found so attractive that he couldn't wait to meet and (ahem) "fight" her again, but if you read their current lores there's not even the slightest suggestion that they've even so much as been in the same place at the same time. So this got me to thinking, Riot clearly like the Garen+Katarina ship or they wouldn't keep referencing it. But if they haven't even _met_ yet, then... are they both about to experience some major in-game character development? Frankly, Garen and Kat are both very obsolete champions. Garen's kit has only seen modest tweaks since his release before season 1 (shifting the numbers around, changing what his W does, and first adding then removing that "Villain" part of his passive) and the only visual upgrade he received was so minor that he still looked basically identical to how he did before, only with better textures. Katarina's kit has seen more changes over the years (although her passive, Q, E and R have always remained fairly fixed) and she's likewise only had a minor model upgrade that left her looking pretty much the same as before. And frankly, both of their kits have been pretty problematic to balance. Garen has always been a very dull, simple champion who is either flatly overpowered if his numbers are high enough or borderline unplayable above low-rank pubstomps if they're not. He only just recently found a small niche in pro play, and that was as an indestructible mobile turret for an AP Yuumi to ride on. Meanwhile Katarina has one of the most-dreaded things for any Riot balance team member- a reset-based kit. Combined with high mobility and overwhelming damage but no utility at all, she's another champion who either works and destroys everything or doesn't work and just sucks. Even if you like Garen's and Katarina's kits and one-trick them all the way to Diamond, you have to admit that they're objectively just not great kits, _certainly_ not by today's standards. Champions with better kits than them (e.g Aatrox) have been reworked already. Honestly speaking, both of them are spoiling for a complete champion relaunch. So what I'm wondering is whether Riot are putting long term plans into motion to give both of them a simultaneous relaunch (akin to the simultaneous Xayah+Rakan release, or perhaps more accurately the Kayle+Morgana one), while also giving them new lore based around their first, climactic, life-changing encounter, possibly even based on something like the abandoned ['Enemy of My Enemy']( movie? Obviously this wouldn't be soon- they're quite clear they want to get Volibear and Fiddlesticks out first, and then probably Shyvana after that. But once those (and maybe a few other priority cases like Shaco) are out of the way? I think it's quite possible. And I'd like to see it. Honestly, neither Garen not Katarina are terribly interesting as characters on their own (Garen is an ultra-dutiful white-bread Demacian soldier with a bit of angst over the fact that his sister is a mage, and Katarina is a loyal Noxian assassin with daddy issues, and that's about all there is to them), and the most interesting thing about them is the "opposites attract" concept that Riot have been teasing for so long, especially as their current defining characteristic is their loyalty to their nation above all else, which is just crying out for a little conflict of interest. Riot's lore development has improved so much over recent years that I'd be very interested in seeing what they could do with these two if they decided to finally pull the trigger. But do you think I'm onto anything, or just expressing wishful thinking? (Also, should I have put this here, or in Story, Art, & Sound? Since a relaunch mostly affects gameplay more than anything else I thought here would be more appropriate, but the focus of my discussion ended up inclining more towards the lore side of things.)
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