Riot "we don't force metas" Gems at it again

ANOTHER Lee, ekko, caitlyn buff. Like we get it you have a hard on for these champions or their designers hold u at gun point i have no fuckin idea anymore what it is but have you like not learned from the last nine years? Lee sin when overbuffed---> crowds out every other jungler in the game runs around oneshotting everyone. He already is at a 50% winrate with a 20% pickrate for a supposedly "high skill cap" champion. Caitlyn----> Who ever gets caitlyn won the game wow so exciting let's do it all over again! She is already picked pretty often and doesn't do too bad statistically and i'm not sure a caitlyn or bust meta will be fun at worlds. Because here comes the fun part and believe me i'm SO GLAD IT HAPPENS that xayah and kai'sa get FINALLY nerfed but NOT WHEN YOU BUFF CAITLYN IN THE SAME PATCH WTF ARE U DOING? Ekko------> Problem child since his release needed a lot of work and is best kept at a somewhat viable status because whenever he is strong no one wants to play this game of Qs every wave for 10 minutes until he can EQAA oneshot your ad carry and R to safety. Not fun gameplay but then again fun hasn't been part of your philosophy since s5. Now comes my favorite part: Riven and evelynn aren't terrorizing soloQ for a patch? UNACCEPTABLE! Took riot a year and daily posts begging for fuckin riven nerfs and literally a patch after the nerf she gets buffed back again this is just insane to me. The level of bias is just idk i'm speechless ESPECIALLY considering non of her stats indicate her being in need of buffs AT ALL. Diamond+ 50% winrate (49,3% to be precise according to 7.5% pickrate. Masters+ she already climbed back to a 52% winrate, 8% pickrate and still a 20% banrate (mind you in a lane with possibly 250 champions being playable. U could probably get the entire HoTs roster to play there too) and you think that is OVERNERFED? I can only call for the entire league community to give her a fuckin 100% banrate maybe then riot will stop showing this ridiculous level of bias. Like i get it some champs are destined to never be really bad but the level of bias towards riven and the protection she gets is just out of this world. So where are my camille buffs? Her winrate is giga dogshit at masters+ and barely 50,2% WR and 6% pickrate at diamond. Taking the riven bar that warrants buffs IMMEDIATELY. Ah shit isn't on riots "must be broken forever" list. Some pigs are more equal than others or how did it go again in animal farm? Tho camille needs way more than buffs because the strength itself isn't necessarily the issue but i'm gonna make a separate post on that one soon which will get downvoted to oblivion anyways because everyone hates camille. Evelynn is finally a champion and not a monstrosity? Yeah overnerfed ofc. Slightly below 50% winrate in diamond+ with again an even higher winrate at masters+ UNACCEPTABLE. We at riot don't need no reasonable champions atleast not when it concerns our top dogs. Again, this is why you lose revenue riot. People are SICK AND TIRED of the same champions getting all the love and affection and be allowed to just forever be S tier and it's not even the fun champions no, it's always these toxic PoS champions that make u smash your keyboard whenever u have to play around their bullshit. Where is the "cycling metas" riot? Why is it literall the same 20-30 champions non stop that are always top tier that take a year to be taken down with mostly baby nerfs just to get buffed back anyways. And no one come in here telling me something about "oh it's just for worlds dude1!!" because here is what happens, RIOT WON'T NERF THEM AGAIN AFTER THE WORLDS PATCH. These champions will continue to be an issue way into preseason until something else takes over again and they get buffed again because they can't fall out of flavor, ever. Sincerely, a concerned and frustrated customer Edit: Apparently vayne getting buffed too LUL
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