Tanks and Lethality

I've noticed this trend for a while now. Damage Creep has always been a thing in league and I think it always will be, though the biggest issue with large amounts of damage would be tanks. Tanks are designed with tank base stats. They have a higher than average health, and a bit more base armor/magic resist to compensate for their lower base damages. This isn't a problem on its own until you bring in the same 3 problem Items League has had for a while now.. Of course I'm talking about {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} In this game particularly, heres where it got out of hand... (Not sure if the image will appear or not) https://imgur.com/kQiPliG As you can see, j4 did the most damage in the game. He frequently was able to 2 abilities and occasionally a basic attack to 1shot most of our team members. Here's where it gets tricky... https://imgur.com/TgC8GSh He also took the second highest damage in the game, dying only twice. I'm all for champion versatility, being able to play them in 2 or more roles is nice and allows for flexibility in a team composition, however. When that flexibility becomes detrimental to the game's balance, then it needs to be fixed. Tanks should not be allowed to deal tremendous volumes of damage without sacrificing their tankiness for it. You can't eat your cake and have it too. (EDIT: Fixed a link)
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