@RIOT consistency with sustain

RIOT realized that too much sustain was bad for gameplay. This caused them to nerf the healing on {{champion:114}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:27}} so there would be windows of vulnerability. These changes actually went over well the player base. Though Mundo/Singed are still pains in the ass. Got rid of Will of the Ancients and reintroduced Executioner's Calling. This also went over well with the player base. {{champion:2}} has always been healthy in that his healing is 100% AA based. But for some reason, we still have {{champion:141}} Rhaast! In a 36 minute game, Rhaast stats reads as following; 26/4/12 219 CS 46k damage dealt 65k damage received ---> **43K DAMAGE HEALED!** <--- Can we please give Rhaast equal treatment to Aatrox please? 43% innate healing of all damage dealt is extreme. Note that {{champion:62}} (me) and {{champion:110}} had {{item:3033}}. I also had {{item:3075}}. Our {{champion:79}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:25}} had {{item:3165}}.
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