3 out of my last 7 games were remakes...

Maybe it's time we do something about both intentional afk's and connection/client issues? 1. The client is garbage - this needs to be something on riots radar today, not 5 years from now. The client simply doesn't work in so many ways, and often players do not have issues until they load into game (or are unable to actually) 2. connection issues - These should be able to be diagnosed by the system before a player enters a game. It's very silly that an online game cannot warn a player (at the minimum) if they are about to enter a game with a latency or connection issue. At the most, it might be worth a consideration to require certain ping or fps to play ranked, but idk. 3. AFK's - there ought to be some metric to determine afking from connection vs afking from personal desire to play. Sure, someone could also disconnect their internet to circumvent such a delineation, but maybe this requires some thought. The fact that someone can waste 9 other peoples time with zero repercussions (as long as they don't do it "too much") is kind of silly.

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