How did the first game in over 7 months go for me?

I don't play league ever lately. haven't played one in 7 months or so. since almost last preseason you can check my so how did my first game go. the game starts top lane spamming pings. we mute him. w/e not a word in chat 7 minutes into the game top lane is doing ok. shes losing but shes trying our jungler is playing. you know just normal stuff trying to gank and farming am 1/0 mid lane. not too shabby 0/6 support ashe 1/3 adc ezreal ashe : "don't worry we will scale late game :)" all of them had gold and platinum borders. including the support ashe. first game in 7 fucking months. I kid you not. this is why people don't ever come back to this game when they quit. **the experience is just not healthy at all.**

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