Xin/Jax Ult passive meter?

So since you guys have now given {{champion:37}} a display meter for her passive , isn't it long overdue that {{champion:5}} and/or at least {{champion:24}} most of all got one for his ult passive? It's a bit more tolerable on Xin since his movements are a lot more vivid and ultimately it has a heal so you cant really miss it, but personally it's a lot more annoying on Jax due to his pudgy looking render and his natural attack speed building tendencies. Of all people, Sona was not hard to keep up with her version of that category of passive. I mean for god sake she even had an icon that told you when it was ready despite the simplicity of her mechanic and her vivid displays, so was {{champion:1}} 's for that matter. Melee champs like Jax need the treatment the most and that argument can simply be reinforced by the fact that they have to dive right in, and once they dive right in there's usually no going back against certain comps but a ton of information can get lost in the ruckus e.g. that very passive count. Of course these things can also backfire on them but I also think that in itself is fair enough because of how versatile and strong they both are. So these are just a couple of champs out of probably a few more that I think could use this treatment if you're gonna start doing this.
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