Personal tierlist of upcoming VGUs

**WARNING**: long post _EDIT: Made another section for champions that doesn't really need a ezreal type of update, but still needs some changes or help and changed some champions that after considerations wasn't really in any need of an update. _ _Also, if you downvote tell me what is wrong and not just downvote it pls._ So with the new roadmap mordekaiser got confirmed for a new rework and Kayle and morgana is soon here. Other then that, we don't know anything of what is next on the VGU list, so I wanted to give my own ranking of champions for the list. I think what makes a champion high priority is having an outdated model/visuals and one-dimensional/lacking gameplay. Then there is other reason I guess like how well does this champion fullfill their thematics and stuff like that. So here is my personal list of what I want and think should be reworked: 1. {{champion:80}}: I think he probably should be next after morde. In some ways he is a pretty okay champion. He have some stuff that other champions don't have (passive and ut at least). Still, a lot needs to change. His ult is pretty good and is maybe the ability he should keep but it might have to change a bit to not be as similar to Galios ult. His passiv is pretty unique so he might keep that somehow. But the rest should change. His Q should become a skillshot and the rest of his abilities should scale better into the game. He also need the visual update pretty badly. He could become a much cooler champion overall. 2. {{champion:9}}: His visuals are pretty bad and his gameplay too. The point and click fear needs to go and maybe change the drain but at least keep it in some form. He have a lot of potential, but atm he needs a change really bad. Also his spammable q is pretty cancer and should change in some form. 3. {{champion:106}}: He could be a cool champion, but he is mostly a stat checking machine. His ult is cool and should be kept in some form, but the rest of his abilities are pretty boring and unexciting to play with. His look haven't aged well either. 4. {{champion:36}}: This champion really needs a rework too. He mostly throws his q and keep himself alive with his ult, but everything else is kinda meh. I would even consider changing his ult in some form but I'm not sure if there is any other creative ideas for what else would replace it. 5. {{champion:54}}: He is just a big rock, very lacking in identity and thematics. Felt like Riot didn't have any other ideas when they made him so they just picked the simplest idea they could come up with and made a living rock. Pretty unexciting. His visuals are really bad and except for his ult which they probably should keep, everything else needs to go. They should probably do a Galio seized rework of him. 6. {{champion:56}}: He is a cool champion, but feels not as much like that when you play him. His ult is good, but most of his kit should be changed and his visuals too. 7. {{champion:42}}: Maybe the worst looking champion in the game for me. Is that santa claus or what is he? His visuals are scary in a bad way. His gameplay is not that bad, but he feels very out of place. Were should you play him? Mid? Adc? He needs better tools to fill any of these roles or others. His ult and passive isn't that bad tho and maybe his e is kinda ok. 8. {{champion:72}}: He is a bit like mordekaiser. In some ways he is actually pretty okay, but when he isn't strong people don't like to play him. The mini-game with his spires are not bad, but it is too big part of his kit atm. His ult should be a skillshot, kinda like Urgots ult is. His visuals are bad and he lack an identity and thematics. rek'sai is an example of a monster champion that is fine I think and skarner should be more like that for how identity and thematics work. 9. {{champion:33}}: Should maybe be higher, but not sure. Hs gameplay is pretty unexciting except his running. He is too niche, kinda like kassadin. You can only pick him against ad comps pretty much. Except his running, everything else should change except maybe his shielding/thornmail ability. 10. {{champion:23}}: I would rework him today, but there are still worse champions on the list so... He is very stat-checky and one dimensional. Have a cool thematic but it doesn't show a lot. He just pslitpush and that's it. Also his crit passive should just go away. 11. {{champion:31}}: His gameplay isn't that bad honestly, but his look is a disaster. Needs the visual update more then the gameplay, but his gameplay might need some updates too. 12. {{champion:35}}: Hard champion to rework. Have many die hard mains, but isn't very good outside of one-shotting and splitting. His visuals definitly needs an update too. 13. {{champion:32}}: He isn't that bad as the others, but in higher elo he isn't very good. He is pretty one dimensional and lack tools to do stuff outside of his ult. Needs a nunu kind of update. 14. {{champion:26}}: Zilean have one of thee strongest ults and should keep that. He also have unique passive, but his gameplay is pretty frustrating to play against and isn't very fun to play with or against. His visuals are also bad. 15. {{champion:77}} He should maybe be higher, I'm not sure. He needs a lot of help on his visuals, but maybe his gameplay needs a big update too. Not sure how or what to change tho, because he is already very unique. 16. {{champion:102}}: Forgot this champion, but she should be here too. Have a good thematic and identity, but needs visuals and gameplay update. 17. {{champion:96}} Visual update and maybe a change to his q. Might need a full VGU. **Champions that should be considered for an Ezreal size update:** {{champion:34}} Visual update and maybe some tweaks on her abilities {{champion:53}} Visual and ability update {{champion:131}} Gameplay update {{champion:79}} Mostly visual update {{champion:133}} Mostly gameplay update I think {{champion:17}} Teemo is teemo tho {{champion:45}} Visuals {{champion:62}} Needs updated gameplay and a better kit. **Just for visuals or ability update like Xin for example:** {{champion:60}} Visuals {{champion:86}} Visual and some ability tweaks {{champion:115}} Visuals and maybe some gameplay tweaks {{champion:111}} Visual and gameplay update {{champion:2}} His looks are pretty outdated and he might need some help on gameplay too {{champion:74}} Mostly visual update {{champion:254}} Needs a bigger niche now when Camille took her spot.
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