Joke, did I said Patch 9.11? Sorry, Joke.

Patch 9.11 is a JOKE! An incredible number of irrelevant changes, even nerfs to heroes who were not strong at all. We waited for 3 months in season 6, if I remember well that Graves got a nerf. In the last season, we had a case with Zoe, which was OP for half a season. And what's happening now? {{champion:33}} and Amumu get a nerf after just a month of being "viable" picks. Yeah, PantsAreDragon started playing them in Challenger NA, but we already could conclude that some of some players don't belong there. If some challenger player start playing them more often, that doesn't mean that they are OP or strong at all. Yes, their winrate may be 53% + but that doesn't mean that heroes are stronger than they should be, this may mean that 53% of the player base are not familiar with the existence of the item called QSS.{{item:3140}} As for {{champion:32}} , your buff did not made a difference, it's a cinderhulk change that made him better. Yes, a few high elo players started playing hybrid ap / tank, but Amumu as Amumu is not much stronger than Sejuani for example. > **Both, Amumu and Rammus have their weaknesses, and struggle in early game, you don't need to nerf champions if 90% of player base is not familiar with existence of invades.** {{champion:154}} revert is also a joke, so now you've turned Zac from being a really nice tanky initiator to AP JOKE, "Gragas wannabe", but instead of throwing casks to your job you need to throw yourself in the enemy team and try to survive long enough to full combo, and probably deal half the damage that Gragas would have done anyway. WHY ?! Why would you turn the champions from being a tanky initiator to the AP assassin? Is there any point? His kidnapp ultimate is just so unique, why would you ever turn it back to Gragas ultimate v2.0? Conclusion: Please do not touch any jungler items anymore, because everytime you buff some type of it, the next 10 patches you try to adjust those changes by nerfing champions like Rammus and Amumu. These champions weren't viable picks for last 2 years. These changes were totally unnecessary, hopefully you will revert them, because if someone can't buy QSS, they don't even deserve to win against Rammus. Also, if you want so desperately new AP jungler, make it, do not change tanks into AP jokes. Btw, {{champion:120}} with conqueror is still in the game, but existace of Amumu and Rammus is obviously too much. Seems "OKAY" to me. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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