Riven balance

As most of us know( even those who deny it) Riven has had consistent 53+ winrate in high elo and even around Plat(high gold even) she starts passing the 50 percent mark. Her saving grace is the fact that she is not good in pro play and Riot doesn't care to nerf her. Of course, champs who are good in pro play get nerfed regardless of their soloq weakness( Aatrox, cough...). I suggest a nerf to Riven's current high damage build by completely removing the ad scalling on her shield and instead giving it the same base numbers + percent of armor+ percent of magic resist. So if Riven goes mostly tanky she will have a very big shield. If she goes her full ad build with only 1 or 2 deffensive items she will only have a shield from her steraks cage if she gets one and a little bit of bonus to her shield from the GA. Overall nerf to it's size, allowing her to be killed and damaged, instead of simply tanking or dodging 90 percent of the damage. Or they could straight up give her a base shield growth based on level like Yasuo, unchanged by any stats. Gaining defense for building damage is just illogical. Riven mains are not welcome. I know what you will say by heart. " Riven is not broken, she is so hard to play. She even needs a buff to X spell."
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