Rito said ppl move on from games. I fully disagree and that statement makes me MAD.

So, during the 8.12 patch one of the Rito devs said and I quote, "people move on from games, its just the nature of videogames." I 150% disagree with that statement. Look at WoW, Smash Bros, Warcraft, Starcraft, FFX, FF12, borderlands, all of these classics. These games didnt become classics because the game kept evolving to the point where the playerbase couldnt even recognize the game. These games had no need to evolve from release past BUG fixes. Oh no, they are classics becauise they give the people exactly what they wanted in a videogame. Yet, you guys sit here and claim that you NEED to keep it fresh, that you NEED to keep it from stagnating. I say all you need to do is fix bugs. THAT will keep the game fresh enough along with your ALTNERNATE PLAY MODES. There literally is no reason for all this garbage (patch 8.12) Now, also, this isnt about, "Oh wtf is this vladimir doing bot lane RIP META RAGE" No. Im fine with the game opening up for new picks, that is GOOD updates. What is bad is removing ADCs completely from the game. Whats bad is being warned by your playerbase, pro and noob alike that 8.12 was too much too fast and yall didnt listen. Checking streams from twitch (because you guys refuse to release usage stats for your servers) You guys have lost at least 40,000 viewers, giving fortnite a literal 40,000 viewer avg MORE than league. Prime time has fortnite at over 3x leagues base. This is proof you dun fucked up guys. ITs time to admit a mistake and move on to better things... Or watch everyone whos played league for years move on. We didnt outgrow your game. YOU quit listening and have done so for years.
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