Why am I being matched with a feeder troll I just reported moments ago?

Why am I being qued up in the same team, as someone who I just had to report because they intentionally fed the enemy team by running into them, getting himself killed, stealing the jungler farm, flashing around whenever possible, joking about it, refusing to surrender and ruin the game for his other teammates? Why am I forced to be the one who gets punished with a que lockout? Why am I still put in the same que as such a player? Why are the "innocent" players constantly punished for having to deal with such people, that should be locked out from the public ques, to have their own special place to gather up and mess with each other, instead of wasting people`s time, who actually have the intention to at least TRY to win when they que up? Why is it when I call someone out on their trolling and feeding, that it is everyone else that is at fault, other than the actual "player" who has nothing better to do with his time, than to be an annoyace to his other teammates? Why is it that this game still does not have an automatic (ban)punish system, once a player dies within second after second once he respawns and goes to kill himself into the enemy team again? You have a "flame detector" filter, but still no intentional feed filter? Why?

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