Matchmaking should not consider new players average elo

Mathematically speaking it seems to make sense to put new players into an average elo and let the system figure out where they should be from there. If they are better than average they will climb if they are worse they will fall. Practically speaking this makes for an awful game experience for veteran players that are in the average elos and for the new players themselves. Here is an extreme example of where the current system falls flat on its face. [This person]( was just recently in a Silver game of mine. First notice that they average elo rating for is Bronze 1 and they are Bronze 3 yet they are in a Silver game. Yes, I realize that the difference between _average_ Bronze players and _average_ Silver players is not that great. However this person is nowhere _near _ average at this point. In the 10 games that they have played they have lost 90% of them. This is _far_ below average. It's hard to say what this person will continue to do in the future but I see two likely outcomes. They quit playing the game altogether because it's so demoralizing to make it not even fun to play or they persevere and continue to perform terrible before they get to their actual rank all the while ruining all along the way. I personally believe that the second one is less likely because they will simply not fall _fast_ enough for most people. Although this is an extreme example, this is not an isolated incident. I have dozens (probably a hundred by now) of examples like this. It's been reported many times: * []( * []( * []( The fact of the matter is that League of Legends is a complex game and it's impossible for most people to be average at this game in a short time and they don't fall _fast_ enough if they are losing badly (unlike if you are playing well you can jump ranks or divisions you can't slip down ranks or divisions). Riot, if you're listening, can you make a concerted effort to address matchmaking so it does't ruin the game for new and existing players?
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