Galio in dire need of another rework

It really disappoints me when Riot ignores a champion that is basically unplayable like Galio but feels the need to buff champions like Jax that needed zero buffs. Galio is in the running right now for weakest champion in the history of the game. You have to be a much higher skill level than the enemy team to be able to win with him right now. The way to fix Galio is to move his W (with tweaks) to become his new ultimate. This would be great since it would be a throwback to original Galio. That way you could give him back his flash taunt, but it would be on an appropriate cooldown for something that strong. His Q and E are fine (I just wish his E would go throw terrain), they would just need to find a new ability to replace his W. I'm thinking either a defensive ability or CC. What is everyone's thoughts on this? Good idea? Bad? Maybe you have an idea I didn't consider. Thanks for reading.
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