new support items need buffs

So i've been trying out non-meta supports with the new support items in bot games, and i have some issues with them so far. they're just waaay too weak and frustrating to use, to the point where i feel like its better to just sell it once you're out of laning phase/when it fully upgrades. the changes i'd like to see to all these support items would be like so: 1. {{item:3864}} change to 45 ad 150Hp once fully upgraded 2. {{item:3858}} &{{item:3855}} give them health regen and or the healing on minion execute proc back, perhaps add a weaker version of doran shields passive but on full upgrade it has dorans shield passive fully {{item:1054}} . 3. remove the diminishing gold on excess minion kills once fully upgraded. <- this is what i hate the most on the new items, it punishes you for taking minion while your adc is back at base or even when laning phase is done. it just makes me want to sell the item since its just crippling me at tht point. either completely remove this from the fully upgraded support items, or at the very least have it turn off if there are no ally champions nearby to take those minions themselves. if the worry from rito is having solo laners abuse these support items, rather than gimping the gold it makes, why not just reduce the damage you deal to minions by 20% or 30% until its fully upgraded. this will make stealing minons from your adc by mistake or taking it solo lane much more difficult since you wont be able to farm properly with the reduced damage you deal to them.
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