I miss the days when you could build Shyvana as a Bruiser

I remember when I was new to the game in season 7, I saw a video by Foxdrop. This video was teaching people who to play Shyvana in the jungle. Now, I didn't know much about Shyvana or jungling at the time. All i knew was that shyvana was a dragon, and I loved dragons. So I thought I'd give it a watch. I watched the whole video, intrigued. Foxdrop spoke about how good Shyvana was as a counter-jungler and a duelist. These terms didn't make a lot of sense to me at the time being quite new to the game, but still I watched. Despite me being a person who isn't very good at sitting down and watching videos, especially long ones of other people playing video games, I watched through the whole 30 minute video. I wanted to play Shyvana. And play Shyvana I did. I mained her for ages. What I loved about Shyvana was her potential to duel, and her potential to counterjungle, and her potential to split-push. Those are 3 traits I love in champions today, and it shows in my main champs - Warwick, who has a fantastic dueling potential, and Kayn, who has incredible counter-jungling. The only thing Shyvana missed that my mains had was insane map pressure in the form of movementspeed buffs or walking through walls. But that champion I loved to play is pretty long gone now, what with the AP Shyvana build kicking off and regular AD Shyvana becoming weak. I dont like it. AP Shyvana makes her into...I don't even know. An Assassin? A burst mage? Both of those categories are NOT the champion I loved to play two years ago. I loved that feeling of power when I would become a dragon and easily 1v2, maybe 1v3 depending on how fed I was, the enemy team. That's gone now. I hope that with Shyvana's (hopefully) upcoming rework, they'll address this and make Shyvana back into the counterjungling menace she once was.
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