My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall

_Patch 9.6: You can no longer build Muramana and Seraph together. _ I understand these are my personal feelings about these type of decisions and some people can find them strange, but I think like there might be also some universal point to this, and want to share anyway, even if it's just for myself. Ever since I started playing League, one of my favorite aspects of it was the possibility of build diversity, theorycrafting, coming up with optimal builds, sometimes unconventional ones. In general, the ability to be a better player not just with mechanics, but with strategy and creative thinking. In fact, although this might sound weird, I enjoy the time I spend not playing League, thinking about item/rune builds to try, just as much as the one in game. Although Ezreal has often being a champion that I liked to theorycraft about for obvious reasons due to his kit, I never really found myself picking him often as playing champions that are seen every other it's not something I find fun personally. Nonetheless, when I read the patch notes I immediately fell concerned that in order to address one single character, Riot will globally decrease item diversity. I'm not a person that will have the little common sense to ignore how qualified you have to be to work for Riot, but I really wonder if this is the only solution. I can't help but feel that this is a rather convenient choice to avoid future headaches for other double tear builds becoming popular / upcoming champions. I genuinely think these type of things will lower the game's richness and fun in the long term in a similar fashion of what happened to WoW. If Ezreal is becoming too dominant, is it really not possible to change his particular numbers without have any secondary harmful effects to the game? Anyway, thanks for reading -J P.S: On another hand, RIP to the griefer build {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I wonder what the next 6 item troll build will be, thoughts?
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