Why do we have Catch up Exp again, someone please explain.

I don't really understand it, as someone who has played in every lane for a bit of time, and jungled for a season, it doesnt feel good to use wave management and your brain to make sure the enemy loses out on CS and exp by being the better laner and understanding the matchup to try to get a lead, but them never being able to really fall behind, and if you leave them alone for 1 or 2 waves, are back to the same level, same with how terrible it feels to invade the jungle, take a full top or bot side jungle, then clear your own, and then where you should be that much ahead, they are seemingly still level with you in terms of exp just because they picked up a Scuttle and got that sweet bonus exp for being behind and being out jungled or our laned. if you are forcing the enemy to miss cs and pushing them out of the lane to youplay them, they shouldnt be given MORE exp, becuase you are ahead, you worked for that lead, you should be able to keep the lead going in levels/gold if you are maintaining that gameplay of being the better player. this catchup exp hurts those too who rely on getting hard leads early. cause wow you outplayed them, made them waste tp then back making them miss 4 waves of exp and gold? not a problem, he picked up the next wave and a half and is the same level as you :) it sucks. honestly, like...where did my hard work as a laner/jungler go?

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