Why is Fiora Getting Non-Stop Buffs?

I'm not complaining or whatever, and you won't see a game in my op.gg where a Fiora went 10/0 and carried her whle team, but seriously... ...has anyone noticed she's been getting nonstop buffs and zero nerfs within the last two years? Honestly the last time she's got a nerf was in patch 7.something, and that was just a tiny one I believe. Since then, her heal's been increased massively, 2 second stun at lvl 1 (lvl 2 if you dont go W lvl 1 like all the pros do), she becomes sonic the hedgehog when her ult is up, and now she can attack turrets with Q and crit turrets with E? And she can even attack invis wards with Q? Why does Riot keep trying to make us play Fiora? Name one champ that's been getting the amount of love she had within the last two seasons.
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