Nerf Illaoi Please

Please Riot. Please nerf Illaoi. She may be one of the most broken champions in this game so far (excluding the new champs). The fact is that she deals insane amounts of damage at early levels and can 1 shot at level 6. Building pure damage on a champion does nothing against Illaoi. Illaoi has so much health and armor and shields. Illaoi's q does way too much damage level 1. Her E slows you, deals damage from afar, the range is huge, and afterwards, you are insanely slowed and get targeted by tentacles that just spawn because of the E. Once she gets her ult, you can easily get 1 shot without any skill required with the press of 2 buttons. Just wait for your tentacles to spawn around the lane, press R and then press W, which is a lock-on ability that makes those tentacles lock on to you. Plus there is no hitbox that shows when the tentacles smack you. All of her skills do way too much damage or help the skills that do damage. She can kill you before you can deal any lethal damage to her with her ult. In addition to her E, it prevents you from being close to her, giving Illaoi more of an advantage of cs and range, especially when playing melee. She has too much health and damage overall that buying damage deals no damage and building tank barely negates any damage. Some players that play top lane bruisers like Darius, Renekton, Jax, etc. also complain about the damage and health that is present in Illaoi's kit. She can shred tanks without any trouble or skill and can 1 shot squishy champions. Please consider reworking her kit for less lock-on and idle damage or insanely nerf her damage and cc. There are rare to no counters against Illaoi other than AP, but then again, she can easily just build magic resistant without decreasing her damage or health. Please nerf or rework her.
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