Can we buff the other anti-assassin mids please?

Assassins have been rampant in playrates mid for ages now and it's completely tiring to play against {{champion:34}} : games accelerate too fast for her to come online. Assassins lately have been pumped up with a shit ton of waveclear which she cannot deal with pre-6 {{champion:1}} : is just overwall kinda underwhelming.All that's needed is to take {{summoner:1}} and trade when her passive is down. If you actually hold on to your passive then, you're getting instantly pushed in by anyone with some game sense. Her low range overall just kinda gatekeeps her from being played in many compositions even if she's good for the lane {{champion:3}} : basically had his knee-caps broken {{champion:127}}: does no fucking damage, mostly creates a stalemate lane. She's supposed to %!#@ on them (yes I know stalemating the lane counts as winning, but they must die) {{champion:61}} : even her relative safety isnt exactly safe enough to deal with assassins currently {{champion:26}} : has a more or less mediocre solo laning presence {{champion:112}} : see galio thank goodness for there being still {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:90}} around i guess LET THERE BE ANOTHER CLEANSING
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