Wow, it's starting to get creepy what a hipster support I am...

So Spirit just played Jarvan support for Afreeca's first game against JinAir today (and won). The thing is, I've been playing J4 support since Season 6 (albeit a more conventional tanky build rather than the AP-themed build Spirit used with Spellthief's start and Zhonya's rush), with a great deal of success. I even made a thread about off-meta supports where he was the first one I mentioned (I even went back and found it at ). So I'm feeling quite gratified that I Played J4 Support Before It Was Cool. Thing is, this is at least the THIRD time this has happened. I remember way back in 2012 I made a thread on the old forums about whether Morgana or Zyra was a better support at a time when Morgana was still considered exclusively a solo laner and most people disagreed with my opinion that Morgana was better (I found that one as well at ), WAY before she became a pro standard, and I played pre-rework Shen support before he was picked in pro play as well (admittedly this was before Shen received some buffs that encouraged pros to play him support). Hell, in an example that wasn't even support, I insisted on playing Evelynn back in Season 1 when she was considered "someone dodge if she's picked"-tier useless (with decent success), before SorakaBot invented the game-breaking Smite/Revive Evelynn Jungle build! So what's the next weird support pick I've played that the pros will pick up? My support Anivia or my support Vi? (Unfortunately support Urgot doesn't work any more since they reworked him... or does he?) And what should I try next?
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