The problem isn't rageblade; its the champions that use it.

So I've been seeing a lot of posts about how rageblade is a broken item on boards. I started to think about why it might be broken, and its primary users. These are the champs I can think of that use rageblade on regular/semiregular basis {{champion:145}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:24}}{{champion:96}}{{champion:10}}. From my experience, 6 champions in the entire game build this item. (As a jax main, I almost never build rageblade either. Its really good on him in a tank meta but we haven't had one of those in awhile) Now, I have NEVER seen someone argue that rageblade is broken on jax, kayle, kai, or even kog (although I think he was strong with it a few seasons ago). What I have seen is people FURIOUS when {{champion:11}} and {{champion:67}} build this item. People raving about how its absolutely disgusting and broken tier on them. And after playing against {{champion:11}} and {{champion:67}}, I can understand why. I was thinking about this, when i realized: BOTH of these champions have true damage in their kits. Not only does it synergize with their existing kits extremely well, but on top of that, they're using the every other hit passive to proc true damage. I think this is what makes this item disgustingly strong on Yi and Vayne. So I think the problem isn't rageblade, its Yi and Vayne's ability to proc true damage on it so easily. What do y'all think?
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