"Wtf stop attacking the minions you're messing up my cs"

*cannon minion is at 100 health and about to die to a tower shot, my adc will not be able to kill it in one auto* *i auto the cannon so it will be low enough for my adc to kill, but they're too dumb to kill it and it dies to tower* "WTFF!!!1!!1!1!1!!" *about to last hit a cannon because i have relic shield, adc steals it away despite me pinging* "WTF STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY CANNONS!!!!1!!1!!1!1!1!" *last hits a minion that is about to die after the adc backs* "WTF STOP TAKING MY CS!!!!1!1!1!1!" *accidentally hits a minion and causes adc to miss it one single cs" "ggez im behind report janna ty" {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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