Revert League to season 3, as simple as that

This game has become worse and worse every patch starting from the first tank meta in season 5 which was totally imo, the start of this infernal gameplay quality decay we are experiencing. I don't enjoy this game anymore, it meant so much to me that I would always come back and give it a try because I have hope but I guess Riot won't listen and they will probably lose their playerbase over time because I'm not the only one quitting the game, all my friends quit already... We were so many people playing the game and enjoying it, now I see that I'm the only one left. Riot please, revert this game to season 3, make it enjoyable again. I might be wrong, maybe I'm the only one having this feeling or maybe the part of players thinking like that is too small to be relevant but I wanted to share my thoughts anyway.
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