Season 10 will suck like Season 9 did ... here is why

Season 10 is around the Corner and with the Map changed introduced it is time to take a look at the upcoming season. So here is what is fixed or getting better * Spear of Shojin removed ... thumbs up ... this should have happened months ago So here is what will **not** be changed and why Season 10 will still suck * nothing done about dmg creep and oneshot meta * nothing done about snowballing * nothing done about turret platings giving gold * xp changes in Toplane will have no effect on toplane having no impact * tanks are still useless * nothing done about tank and mage itemization * MATCHMAKING STILL horrible ... let me wait more than 60 seconds to give me a decent game instead of having a minute queue and a 15 minute garbage game * nothing about events not just stupid useless season passes
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