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Can we please do something about the fact that a high level such as a level 200 can simply Q up with a few level 30 buddies just so that he can do well? It is extremely annoying when my friends and I are trying to have fun but keep getting matched against players who are literally over 100 levels above us. What can we do about that? We shouldn't be expected to perform well in that situation. I need this fixed other wise it ruins the game for me and I know that many other players have problems with this exact same thing. Just putting it out there even though nothing will ever get done about it I at least wanted to share and see if we can do anything about it. (In the match I have linked it shows how my friends and I were Q'd against a level 198 and you can see by the game overview he carried and we couldn't really do anything about it because of the obvious skill gap... I was in a 4 man lobby and none of us are even at level 80 yet. Thanks.
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