Please rework your CC

This game is just heading into the wrong direction with the amount of CC in this game. Knock ups, Stuns, Disables, etc. I have seen it in so many games before and its is absolutely the most toxic design in a video game. Including the fact that NO GAME DEVS have seemed to ever be clever enough to counter balance it. The small amount of items available do not help when it comes to things like multiple CCs going off one after another. Game design should focus on a player never having to take their hands off a keyboard but I find it that when one CC goes off, I can literally just go on a bathroom break in most engagements. An easy solution would just be diminishing returns or even a safety feature that punishes the mindless spam of CC more then it rewards. Heck heres even a few more: 1. On click and AOE CC abilities seeing a base duration reduction and a cooldown increase. Skill shots would remain the same. 2. Have a stat for CC duration increase. That way there is a trade off for either having more damage/ defense/ or more control. 3. Better kit planning, not every character needs a CC ability. 4. Same with point #2, have more items designed to deal with crowd control effects. I will happily take an item where it converts all CC into slow. Honestly the possibilities for a solution are not that hard. But constantly adding more CC to deal with characters like YI, sylas, etc. are screwing over the vast roster of characters who already move at a snails pace with little to no defense as it is. Im not a high elo player, I don't even play ranked. Im just a person who wants to have fun in this game.
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