Nerf Caitlyn

If you just want want the simplest of a post, just go to the bottom. In my last post about Caitlyn, I complained about her getting extra damage for her traps. I'd also like to add that on top of her getting extra damage for her traps, she's able to spit them out like vomit. Her traps should be limited to three traps whether they stack or not and whether she gets extra damage from them or not. No ADC, whatsoever, should be that difficult to deal with without their team to back them up. I would complain about Tristana since she's the same way, but she doesn't get the same safety and range as Cait during the early game and she not does she have traps/slows. I would complain about Ezreal since he's Mr. Untouchable, but he doesn't really hit multiple targets nor does he have a slow/trap. She has the most range for an ADC in the early game. She gets a dash that deals extra damage with her net. She gets a multiple of traps that last longer than Jinx's which is perfect for zoning that just so happens to give Cait more range and damage when you step on them. She also gets a free Jhin fourth shot every six autos which she doesn't have to deal with the same low attack speed or reload time as Jhin. With another support that pokes, her lane is an automatic win and you're forced to rely on your jungler. With a CC tank support, you can't beat her in teamfights. For all of you who say she's weak, she's not. Not AT ALL. Out of the ADC role, Caityln is number 8 in the damage department because three champions are APCs, but she's under 5 ADCs; Kog, Ezreal, Twitch, MF, and Jhin. She's has the second highest pick rate for ADC under Kai'sa (who also needs a nerf). "Why isn't she played more in competitive play if she's so good?" Well for starters, there are other champions who are more busted than Caitlyn like Kai'sa, Ezreal, and Xayah. Then there are other champions outside of the bot lane that are more busted. There aren't enough bans. Rengar and Kha'zix are possibly the most broken champs to ever exist outside of Lee Sin and Akali (reworked), but they aren't played competitively. Whether or not a champ is seen more often in pro play or not has less to do with how broken a champ is and more to do with how the pro players feel when playing the champs and how their champs synergize with their team strategies/composition. Players can play Rengar in high elo and still have a high win rate of at least 70-75 percent from diamond to Challenger but that doesn't mean they synergize with whatever strategy their team has thought up of. TL;DR Caitlyn needs a nerf on her traps.
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