Master Yi Discussion (Civil)

First, let's please keep this post civil. I don't want a shouting match, just honest opinions about this champion since I've seen him played a lot recently. I will try to keep all other part of this post unbiased except for the my opinion section. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} _**THE KIT**_ **Passive** * Extra attack after getting 3 stacks(stacks are gained through attacks) * Can crit * Applies on-hit effects * Triggers his Cooldown reset on Q * Does 50% of his AD. **Q** * Range as long as every single ranged champion except {{champion:51}} ( and a few others like {{champion:18}} late game). * Makes him untargetable * Crits * Cooldown reset with autos, * Is able to attack immediatly after (b/c there is no end animation) * Brings him to his target. **W** * Makes him heal based on how much health he is missing (120 minimum at lvl1) * Resets his autos * Grants a stack towards his passive * Pauses his ult and E duration * Reduces the damage he takes while channeling * _But during this time he is unable to move or attack._ **E** * passively gives him 10% bonus damage on attacks while the ability is not on cooldown. * It's active allows him to do true damage with every attack equal to 25%)of his bonus AD with a flat damage value * damages with his Q. * (Every attack he does with this active does 100% AD + 10% Bonus AD + True damage (14/23/32/41/50+(25% bonus AD) )... **R** * Passively reduces the cooldown of all basic abilities by 70% upon landing a kill or assist * Actively gains (30/55/80%) bonus AS * Multiplies MS by 25/35/45% (not bonus or flat MS this means that all MS from items gets Multiplied too) * Becomes Immune to all slows * Kills or assists add 7 secs to the duration _**MY OPINION**_ I think he is Easy and too strong right now. Well let me rephrase that... I think he has a low skill floor and a medium height skill cap. He kinda dominates the enemy JG kinda like Lee Sin unless you are playing a Tank JG (Specifically Rammus). He doesn't have to many counters and he just does a lot of damage with no drawbacks besides that he can be stunned (but a lot of stuns are skill shots so he can dodge them with his Q). I personally think his kit has too much of everything. He has gap closers, true damage, attack speed buff, movement speed buff, heal, double attack, slow immunity, Cooldown resets, and and duration increases. It's just kinda crazy imo, and when he gets fed it's almost impossible to stop him unless he gets cocky.
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