Auto fill is fine. TLDR @ bottom

You wouldn't have survived in older League. Believe it or not, we used to play by an unwritten rule (that just made sense) called "Pick Order" which actually got you the role you wanted maybe 20% of the time. Though calling out your suggested role, like in blind pick, would be taken into consideration with friendly players. Back then, you had to always have LoLKing or something up to hurry up and slap a link down or sell your personal stats. Here's the worse part, if you're a top lane main like myself, you were really only guaranteed that position if you were a high pick had a person willing to trade. Keep in mind this is solo queue. So good luck not getting counter picked. We pretty much had to be efficient at every role to an extent that you weren't dead weight. Sometimes you didn't even know what position you'd be until it was your turn to pick, so there wasn't any preparation. At least when I'm autofilled, I can prepare for my role. Which brings me to old rune system, you had better had a page set up for everything. They were very specific! God forbid you forgot to change your Malphite rune page when you're playing Lux support. At least AAs won't hurt you nearly game lol And to make matters worse, the "team leader" was responsible for all *THREE* bans! Meaning, if an asshole like me was playing Wukong top, you'd have to settle for the bans being Darius, Riven and Singed. _____ TL;DR Don't complain about awesome new role selection system if you haven't experienced or just don't remember the hell we had back in the early 2010s.

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