Can we have a rework on what Champions are considered Melee and Ranged?

[]( As you all know Conqueror is being nerfed that is going to affect all Ranged Champions that are being punished because of Casiopeia and Ryze who abuse this Rune the most. For instance both Rakan (300) and Urgot (350) are considered Ranged champions because of their Attack Range. But there are certain Melee champions who with some of their abilities/passives reach range of (up to 725)...[] Both Rakan and Urgot at the very least should made to be classified as Melee so that they didn't have item related issues. Here are a few examples for both... >##{{champion:497}} Rakan * Punished for taking the Support Relic Line because his auto attacks would only execute minions below 30% of their max HP, where as Melee Champs execute them below 50%. * Punished for taking Knights Vow because the effect between Partners is reduced from 12% to 6% if you're ranged. >##{{champion:6}} Urgot * Punished for taking Phage because the bonus movement speed (10) he gets is half of what Melee Champs get (20), when killing units he gets (30) and Melee Champs get (60). * Punished for taking Wit's End (if it get's considered) if extra MR and extra sustain is wanted, because both the damage and passive on-hit healing is reduced by half, and then his W also reduces that half amount to 33%, making that item absolutely worthless on him because of the stats, the fact that it's weaker on ranged champions because the healing occurs when at half hp and the fact that his W makes it all even lower on top of it all. * Can't buy a bruiser item like Sterak's Gage because it's still Melee only. >##Potential Solutions... * Make {{champion:497}} Rakan Melee, he gains no benefit from being Ranged. But if there is some form of benefit to this then give him an additional effect to his Fey Feathers Passive, where based on level he gains increasing Attack Range. * With such a change he would be able to effectively execute minions with the Relic Support Item and be able to use items like Knights Vow better, while still retaining his Ranged nature as he levels up through out the game. * Make {{champion:6}} Urgot classified Melee. * I know that his nature is to be this Melee/Ranged Hybrid but because of this he suffers heavily from item related problems, he can't gain the full benefit from Ranged or Melee like Items fully, so just make him Melee because he doesn't even use any Ranged items to begin with or get any benefit from Items that are commonly bought by Ranged Champions because of their Stats (like Attack Speed) because his W locks in 3.0 AS. * Such a change would allow Urgot to make use of items more effectively, notebly Sterak's Gage.
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