True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition

Revealed less than 2 weeks left in event, 2000 points is too much! I don't mind the 2k bar, but, it is dishonest considering there are 2 sets of events with exclusive rewards that people are obviously going to have spent their points on already. Genuinely there is no way you can look at this and say "oh well you didn't save your quests/events for something you didn't know was coming". It feels very bad. I won't be able to earn this Qiyana and I challenge you to step back and reflect on the fact that even if I had saved everything I'd be missing out on other rewards such as the alternate morgana/nami skins unique to this event. It is extremely upsetting but MOSTLY because of the nature of hiding the rewards till it is too late. This is an issue you yourself addressed with prestige points in that you revealed the future ones coming out so people don't feel tricked later. I don't expect change on this event but please, PLEASE look at this and understand you've made many many players upset.
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