How are you meant to climb when everyone feeds

Ive made one post like this before and all i heard was "its YOU" or "you suck" or "git gud" like, how am i meant to climb in this elo when i get all of my lanes feeding *im a jungler btw*. Last game i played i had a Karthus that was 1/11 and kept telling me to kill myself and that im a waste of oxygen, a top laner losing to a Tryndramere and he kept telling me he was going to "F*ck my mother", my botlane was already 0/5 each by 5 minutes. Like is it really possible to climb in this elo? and i know its not just a *BAD GAME* because its all the time? is it really worth my time? i play a game and win and get like 16lp and then play another and lose it, or ill play 2 games and win both then lose most of the lp anyway, i feel like its impossible to climb because of my teammates in my previous 10 games ive had 2 good teams that actually know what to do? this is a huge issue cause i all of my friends have quit cause of how toxic this game is, and LETS NOT LIE, this game is a disgrace when it comes to the community. In the previous month ive had someone say they will *F my mother* *R*pe my sister* *Go and kill myself* *Go eat a bullet (same as kms i guess)* *Shouting racial slurs at me* *Murder me and my family*/ The fact that these people arnt banned instantly is beyond me. Is it really worth playing in this elo? I know someone who is basically a diamond player and he couldnt be bothered with it and just bought an account into diamond and its where hes meant to be, he has games that he loses by a fraction because of the skill difference. Its a bit of a joke and i really cant see myself climbing, you either get smurfs on their team and lose, feeders on your team and lose to the point you cant carry, your team just arguing with eachother and making things worse. Its just? its so toxic and i really dont know about this game anymore, its just turned to utter sh*t in my opinion, i know you guys are gunna disagree but this games community is actually horrible
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