ap malphite still way too strong

i believe the nerf was not big enough. the ult still has a lot of base damage and 80% ap ratio is not even close tho being balanced on an ability that you will die to if you dont have flash up( unless you are kai'sa and build zhonyas). the nerf didnt really matter because he ended up overkilling people anyway. i think the ap ratio needs to be reduced even more to nerf ap malph and not tank malph.also, the fact that his r speed scales with movement speed means that with predator, if you dont see him on a ward, the majority of players cant react quickly enough to flash his ult. furthermore, there is no defensive item that an adc can build against that. hexdrinker is very inneficient without it's passive and in order to build it early you sacrifice too much damage, and you are not going to rush maw as a third item because the damage drop off is way too big. phantom dancer is useless because you dont get any resistances from it and he just 1 shots you through the shield. ga is also bad because he kills you from full, then your revive with 40% hp and die to q+w. i think the combination of no item options and the way his r works makes it impossible for people to play the game, especially adc's

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