I genuinely feel sad and angry at riot over the loss of Twisted Treeline

This feels a lot like dominion all over again. Was it a SUPER popular mode? No not really. But people played it. Most people at the very least played 20+ games of ranked in it. The relaunch of Treeline in season 5 was very good, the game mode became popular. But of course riot let it die, Gee i wonder why this mode we havent touched for 4 years isnt doing well? hehe ecks deee. better remove it. Literally dominion 2.0 The worst part, if they just kept it. Put both in a pseudo blizzard client-esque thing they are creating. Do you know how much money they couldve made if they just spent time on it. I know summoner rift is their baby and with these new games coming up thats theirs to work on too. But it feels a lot like "Fuck the old playerbase here comes new people to enjoy the game"
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