Matchmaking Twisted Treeling Ranked 3v3

Hello, I am a ranked 3v3 player and I am a part of a small player base in league who actually play the game mode competetively. I am here to talk about the matchmaking system and ask for some help to make it better for me and my friends who like to queue together. I recently played a game with a challenger, and also with a bronze player. This is how broken the matchmaking is. I am a plat player and I play most often with a friend who is gold. Because of the way lobbies work right now I am only able to invite Gold, Plat, or Diamond players. I have friends in Silver and I simply cannot play a game with them unless its blind pick. I cannot add my silver friends to my team but I can get matched with much worse or even much better. I played a game the other day against a Challenger player, this isnt even the first time. I have played with rank 7 on my team while I was still gold 1. I also get paired with bronze and Iron players all the time. There is a very small playerbase on the twisted treeline which is why queue times are generally long and the rank difference is so large in these matches. The only thing I ask is that I be able to invite my friends in Silver to my Plat lobby. I couldn't invite my silver friend but I queued up and got matched with a bronze. I think thats pretty lame and when I got roflstomped by a challenger Renekton the other day it made me want to give up. I enjoy playing with and against the higher elos because it gives me a chance to learn and develop. I just think that I should be able to invite my silver friend if theres the chance of being queued with and Iron and a Challenger at the same time. Thanks for listening.
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