How to fix all of League's current problems

So the general consensus on season 6 is that it is way too snowbally, boards are filled everyday with complaints about certain champions, and the game is extremely frustrating to play from behind. When first blood comes around it is pretty much gg. You die once in lane and it is over, you can't farm safely. The community in this game is the most toxic community ever to exist, ever. I think all these issues plaguing league can be solved with a pretty simple solution that may fix the game: Change the gold and exp economy. This idea came from playing nexus siege where all gold and exp gained is passive. No champs snowball out of control and the game feels super balanced from that standpoint (IMO). If riot were to simply reduce the amount of gold gained from minions and move it more towards passive gold I think it would solve the snowballs and the toxicity from falling behind. Just think about when you die in lane. Say you die level 1 to a level 2 all in from Riven/Pantheon and maybe their jungler too. They get 2 waves of experience and gold while you are running back from base. You get back to lane and your opponent is level 4 with half an item completed. This is the worst damn experience in the game and completely tilts everyone at some point in their league career. It's even worse when you TP back to lane and the jungler is waiting in the damn bush for you and kills you again... Now if my changes were implemented then dying wouldn't be instant gg, getting denied CS wouldn't be so rage inducing, and snowballs would still be possible, they would just take a little longer to win the game. Snowball champs wouldn't induce so much rage because you wouldn't be losing as much. So I am sure everyone has several disagreements which I am sure are well founded but there are problems in the game right now that need solving. I am not saying make a huge change just a little one. Even Riot has used a similar concept to make supports more enjoyable when they added passive gold onto their items. I think applying that concept to the game could bring the game further towards balance. Just a simple change to the games core mechanics could have a massive sweeping effect.
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