Riots Dead

Season 2 World Championship Top Moments
Season 2 World Championship Top Moments
THIS WAS REAL GAME PLAY AND EXCITING! Everything done since you all said healing was toxic and the constant super buffs is infuriating. This game is real trash now and now all you do is catering to trash not even the player base. You dont care and continue to fall deeper. I wish we could fire all of the current people and start over but that is not going to happen. BTW just wanted to add ADC or marksmen what ever you want to call it is dead. Their is no reason to play them when even supports and tanks can out damage and be more useful. I just really wanted to express my hate towards the people of this company. You already got flack from the sexist moments but just had to make it worse by ruining the game too? Well yall can have this trash back and keep it. To any of the old devs that just might see this post I do want to say thank you for making a genuine game. The toxic behavior continues to get worse because the new turds of league want to make a faceroll game but they wont understand anything because their gEnIoUs scientific team is just super smart and cant seem to realize the company caused it themselves and the only way to fix it is to actually sit down and listen to PROS LIKE THEY USED TO WHO DEDICATE THEIR TIME TO UNDERSTAND THE GAME AND TEACH THE REST OF US!!!!!
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