Why do tank stats feel so bad to build?

Mostly Armor and MR I've noticed not doing anything to help mitigate damage due to the sheer amount of extra damage items have been giving through either penetration, true damage, extra damaging ability on the item, or absurd damage scaling. Health seems to be the best tank stat even though its hard countered by BoRK and Liandry's. It feels that unless you have 5k hp with 200 armor and MR you don't last for more than 3 seconds against a single champion anymore? It feels that we need to have the stacking fall off on Armor and MR be much less so that it can match up to the ridiculous amount of penetration that has been added to the game or maybe have a certain threshold that when its passed it gives a portion of unmitigatable Armor and MR like 10% of bonus defensive stats are impenetrable and can't be reduced or for every 10 Armor and MR you block 1-2 (scaling on champ level) damage from that on top of the % reduction from the damage source not insignificant on sqishies but very noticeable on tanks.
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