So for 9.16, we get... More damage buffs for burst mages and assassins. Pro play focus, again.

All these mages need damage and ratio buffs why exactly? ALL of these champions are already extremely strong with a very high pick rate (with the exception of Syndra, who you seem to consistently nerf around pro play while insisting on still trying to keep her relevant for the pros?) Jax is getting a cooldown buff, because apparently the strongest scaling champion in the game needs to be stronger early game! Lux support gets buffed because... Wait, wasn't this such a big problem a couple patches ago that she was essentially pick or ban even in pro play? And she's being buffed again? Right before worlds? Hmm! Kassadin certainly needs that early game buff! He falls off so hard after midgame! Shen certainly needs that early game buff! He falls off so hard after midgame! Nocturne certainly needs higher base armor and a faster clear speed! At the same time as Sejuani gets nerfed, because naturally it's not enough that all the optimal mid laners are assassins, we need assassins in the jungle too. It's a lot more exciting to watch the pros play when 3 out of 5 champions are assassins, after all! Yuumi gets a cooldown nerf... Mana cost increase... Damage nerf... Slow nerf... Wait, you're telling me you're nerfing EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of her Q? EVERY SINGLE ONE at the same time, in ONE patch? Despite ALL the multiple blog posts over the past year where you've talked about how you avoid changing too many things about a champion in one go because even the tiniest number change can have a huge effect on their gameplay? What happened there, exactly? Your various adc playtesters and analysts had a bad matchup in bot lane and decided Yuumi wasn't fun to play against for their Pyke support, so they wanted to make sure nobody ever picks her again? Because you couldn't just reduce the range on the damn thing, you had to adjust EVERYTHING? Wait, these people are being paid for THIS? Meanwhile Corki and Azir gets nerfed because naturally, we can't have champions that are good against mid lane assassins remain relevant for worlds! We want to see assassins picked! More oneshots! Why would we let the pros play strategically and intelligently when we can have flashy executes? {{champion:84}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:121}} Gods forbid we let the pros pick marksmen in bot lane! No, we've gotta hurry up and nerf ALL defensive supports to discourage them from playing anything but burst mages and assassins. Think of the stream revenue when the best players in the world are specifically singled out by the very game designers themselves because the casters and announcers can hype it up so much when some newcomer abusing the newest assassin of the week misses their entire spell rotation twice, ults them and slaps their ignite on them for a kill! "We're not balancing the game around pro play at all! Just look at all the recent surveys we had you take after your matches - literally every single player in the world informed us they feel like we're balancing the game around the pros and damage is too high, so to prove this is not the case we're going to increase damage and adjust champions that are only relevant in pro play!" Oh and did you know {{champion:201}} has been completely irrelevant for two entire years now? It's not for pro play reasons, we promise! Braum is a high skill requirement champion and therefore he needed all the nerfs he recieved at his super high soloQ winrate of 46%. Just look at the other high skill requirement champions we nerfed just as much as him, such as {{champion:92}}, {{champion:67}}, {{champion:24}} and {{champion:114}}! Nothing but nerfs for them for the past two years! Did i mention Fiora is getting an attack speed buff because of course she is? - - - - - - - Where did you go so wrong, Riot games? How did it come to this? Why are you so desperately trying to compete with Activision and EA for greediest cash grab revenue pig of 2019? How can you keep making horrible decisions for half a year in one go all the while constantly questioning your playerbase on where they would like the game to go, receiving statistical proof as to why what you're doing is killing off your game, having your leadership write public blog posts on how you're listening to your community and then proceeding with the pro play centered adjustments to the game? Is the goal to push the playerbase away so that less people will be using your servers and more will be watching the twitch streams? How do you profit from less server activity exactly? The game had been improving over season 8. It has been slowly but surely going uphill since the train wreck that was season 7, giving us false hope of a potential comeback. So it's just so disappointing to see you lose track of what entertainment means and what the idea of a "video game" is when you're so busy admiring your paychecks. Surely you must have realized you can't just keep expanding forever, that at some point you just have to cut your losses and stick to what you know how to do? (Which, just like a certain president, you're doing a great job of making everybody lose faith in your ability to do. Who needs credibility when you can have money, right? Just wait until you see the new gold chroma we have in store for our highest play rate champion that've recieved three skins in twelve months!

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