I don't mind Trynda when he is a rare sight, but when his playrate raises he needs to be dealt with

Title. I don't mind Trynda when he is a champion played by some diehard onetricks that I see once in a while, his playstyle, while braindead, can be somewhat refreshing when it is a rare sight - you know, something not great but something different. But when one in each 4-5 games of mine is turned into a completely braindead "sidelane matchfest" I feel like I have to protest. Other splitpushers have mechanics you can outplay, can fall behind hard or have no escape mechanics - even {{champion:157}} and {{champion:114}}, I hate their guts, but they can give you an exciting duel, so they are at least not as boring to face as {{champion:23}}. Champions I play {{champion:83}} {{champion:420}} don't always feel fair, I completely get that, but at least they have skillshots and windows of opportunity you can abuse, and no escape mechanics. Meanwhile Trynda just feels like lost 30 minutes - either your team is doing OK enough that you can match him, or they are not. Hot gameplay. Either nerf him back to 0.5 - 1% playrate, or give him some mechanics to play around - he can keep his ult for all I care, but make SOMETHING in his kit that would give even a hope for outplay. I'd say he is a "braindead rightclick champion" but that doesn't even convey all the truth, I mean the guy doesn't even have to click to debuff you or manage a resource to outsustain you, see {{champion:24}} is a rightclick champion and you can somewhat play around him. thanks in advance Rito
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