Took a two week break

I took two week break cause ranked games were terrible. Came back: * Game 1: We're winning hard. My jungle gets his red buff taken and tells my bot lane to slit their throats and kill themselves. My bot lane stops playing and I lose. I guess I should have played better. * Game 2: My bot lane afks at their tower and lets the enemy team invade me putting me behind in jungle. Then every lane loses solo and goes 0/5. My mid laner flames my bot lane hard. I explain to my bot lane how they fucked up the game by not doing point defense. I get a chat ban. Yawn. I should have play better I guess. * Game 3: Every lane hard ints . My mid laner rages at my bot lane. I went like 4/4/2 early. They all went 0/5. I should have played better I guess. Yep. League is a fun game.
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