Has Riot completely forgotten about Skarner?

In the past 12 months, I've seen rioters making new skins, and at least TALK about every champion in the game, whether it's for balance changes, updates, reworks etc. But Riot hasn't even talked about {{champion:72}} . Which is sad because he is in dire need of an update. I'm one of the few Skarner mains out there and sure, he may not be as flashy or look as "cool" as Aatrox or Yasuo, but he really needs a Rel'Sai scope update. While I love playing{{champion:72}} , I just feel like he could be so much better. One thing I do hope is that they can distribute his power budget a little better. Right now it's all concentrated into his ult and spires. If any rioter sees this, I wanna ask, how high priority does {{champion:72}} have as far as getting looked at for some sort of update?
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