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Riot games please for the love of jesus christ the holy kid. Fix matchmaking. I{{champion:75}} was playing a ranked game with a friend{{champion:120}} who is silver 2, I am gold 4. I got put in with a summoner called supershark123 {{champion:18}} , which had his first ranked game ever. This guy proceeded to feed his buttocks off. I looked up his match history he has never had a positive KDA. At the end of a 30+ minute game he had 73 farm. Look I am not the guy to blame someone just because he is new. But please fix it so you don't get put up with people who have never played ranked before. Make them play with people who are in Iron 2 or something like that. so you have a bunch of new people there. Because game's like this ruin EVERYBODY's fun in ranked and make you climb way slower So please make it so it is balanced out. And for the guy who started playing the game. He will start disliking the game if he keeps getting put with people who are way better than him.
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