What champs do you actually find fun anymore?

Currently, I'm struggling too even decide what role or champ I want too play. There are too many recently released/reworked or strong but allowed too be champs out there. None of which I find appealing. I'm thinking of returning too ADC out of all roles in fact, even though I've hated it for years, because the other roles feel so limited, and at least you know what you are going too get with ADC (even with broken adcs like Kaisa/Draven untouched). With other roles. Either you pick select pool or OP/again recently released/reworked champs. Or you pick a few other champs that have always been strong/broken in soloQ such as Talon/Vladimir. Or you won't have a fun game. Can anyone recommend unique fun champs or playstyles that they've been playing recently?

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