Champion identity is being destroyed by upfront damage, decreased time to kill

I remember when Bard was released as a versatile roamer, leave lane to collect meeps (Is that safe? Can your adc manage?) awesome roaming potential. You know what bard does? He meep autos you for 1/3 of your hp in lane now and takes ignite and sits in your face. His identity is gone. Soraka? The champion who is supposed to be a healbot to get your late game carry to peak potential safely? Yeah we don't do that anymore. We just max E and poke em down. Champion identity is being destroyed by lower time to kill and upfront damage. Why heal on soraka if i can take aery and scorch and just E you to death. The strategy of the game is dissolving. It really boils down to 'what does the most damage safely and in the shortest amount of time.' Time to kill is way too short. It has been since pre-season dropped.
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