Clash - Great Game mode, not enough Tiers

I played Clash tonight. I thought the gameplay was smooth, loved the set-up, the preview of other team, how to ban champs. Felt like a great tournament condition (maybe one day more then 1 loss and done, but totally understand this for speed of tourney). I thought, this a great mode to get people to work as a team, maybe get more teams together for ranked. Everything about the system was good for most part. The biggest problem with Clash is you don't have enough skill rank tiers. I played in Tier 4, I am silver ranked, ok, lowest tier, makes sense. What does not make sense is that tier 4 can have a team with 5 Plat 4's on it vs Iron/Bronze/Silver/Gold teams. I know to a degree you have to be careful on tiers, but 4 tiers and you put up to Plat 4 in the lowest?? This makes no sense. The majority of players are Silver so you say, and are lower ELO. If you need to, add a 5th or 6th tier. There should be a tier on Clash that no one over Silver can be on a team. You include 3 ranks, Iron, Silver, Bronze and If you have a gold you move up one. If you don't do this, the wonderful new, fun, mode you created will die. If most of the players (silver) have to enter it with 0 chance of winning if all Silver team has to go against all Plat team, or all G1 Team, you will kill this mode. Just asking to add more tiers to game mode, or rethink the tier system, and I think you have a winner.
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