Every Teemo support player, who's the entire reason we lost, always gives me this response.

"I still did the most damage on the team", he says going 3/17. Yeah, if I had a 10 second massive dot to place down everywhere on the map that lasts 5 minutes, I'd do the most damage too. Here's the thing though, you offered your ADC nothing the entire laning phase, you always feed and you bring nothing to the mid to late game. You have a 2.5 second blind that you're never going to be able to hit because you're just going to die INSTANTLY. Honestly, stop being fucking selfish and play something that benefits the team. Disclaimer: I don't care if Teemo support has a "54% winrate in plat". That doesn't change the fact that it's incredibly lack luster and is picked 9/10 times by autofill cry babies. This also doesn't apply to any rating below plat, which is where it is seen the most. People that are higher elo have way more common sense than to play some stupid, whacky ass shit as support, hence why there isn't a single Korean Teemo main in challenger.
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