How to fix this game.

Here is a list of things that I have compile after reading other threads and some of my own opinions. Its definitely not exhaustive. But can you imagine how less frustrating this game would be if all of these aspects were change? Many of these do nothing but piss players off. This of course leads to greater toxicity in the game. - Double the dmg that towers do pre 20 minutes. - Add incentive in the jungle for junglers to farm more and camp less. Something like devourer but not as impactful. - Add in diminishing returns on crowd control. - Increase the cooldown of flash and all dashes in the game by at least 50 percent. - nerf all shields in the game and add diminishing returns on stacking separate shield sources. - Add an item into the game that breaks shields or shield-locks someone. - Rework matchmaking. - Make skillshots harder to hit. the isometric angle the game is at makes skillshots hit even when they don't appear to as the player, this is unacceptable. - Remove lag compensation - Completely overhaul the player behavior system. It ends up punishing players who don't deserve it and letting players go that do deserve punishment. - In addition, overhaul player punishments to be more relative to the crime. (a chat restriction shouldn't lower your honor level as much as a 10-day ban for instance). - Increase vision resources by at least 50-75 percent, (also to help minimize jungle impact). - Create a system like the tribunal, but instead of player behavior it allows the player base to vote on champion buffs and nerfs. This way Riot could actually see what the players want instead of drowning under statistics that don't always apply. - Fix the GODDAMN bugsplat bug and other bugs that cause crashes on the loading screen. Until you fix this issue, you shouldn't punish player on LP since its your fault, even if this would allow gaming of the system. (you could always monitor if its being gamed anyway). - Increase the power of customer support. Right now they can't really do much of anything. The blitzcrank bot does FAR more than any actual people do. - Add in an appeal feature for bans and punishments. Since the game has an automated system that bans unfairly more of than not, add in a system that allows customer support to actually OVERTURN this instead of cowering behind a line in the ToS. - Consider a game wide damage nerf. something like 10-15 percent less damage overall on all sources equally. - Fixing bugs that players asked you to during the 10 yr anniversary was a good idea. Do that all the time. not just during events. - And finally, put a greater focus on punishing players who effect the game negatively through their actions rather than what they type. Hate speech notwithstanding, toxicity in chat is in every game everwhere. But no other moba has nearly as many inters and trolls as LoL does. And this is because its NOT punished regularly. They know they can get away with it. Actions speak louder than words y'know. If anybody has any other suggestions I'll gladly throw it onto my list.
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